Episode 1

Maya Isacowitz, Lone Wild, Keston Wright, Ziv Moran, Captain Qubz, Raw.

Just under 5 years since my last Podcast, I present BlueDeck. A mix of music, with the same premise as my previous ones; to share music with you all.

Maya Isacowitz - When I Get There http://www.mayaisacowitz.com/

Lone Wild - Locktup https://lonewild.com/

Keston Wright - All the Same (Streets) - https://soundcloud.com/kestonwright

Ziv Moran - In the Front

Captain Qubz - Never Comes for Free - https://soundcloud.com/captainqubz

Raw - Rainbow

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BlueDeck: Independent Music
A weekly podcast featuring an eclectic, uplifting mixture of music from today's most exciting independent artists.

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Phil Coyne

Podcasting since 2005, Phil is a champion of new music. Starting with "bitjobs for the masses!", securing sponsorship and signing with "BT Podshow". He then went on to co-organise the "Podfest" gigs at the Purple Turtle in Camden before moving on to "The Midsweep" which was his first foray in to live broadcasting. He eventually took that show to "Rhubarb Radio", a two-hour live show featuring live sessions and interviews. In 2010 Brian Travers of "UB40" came in to the studio to talk to Phil and the team. He has a very eclectic music taste which is now equal parts independent as it is from major labels.


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